Wicca or Witch

Wicca or Witch

Two words, both which seem to generate controversy in one way of another.

Let me start with who I am.

I am a witch. I do not follow a rede or specific code. I am not all fluffy and light and do have a fierce temper which I have unleashed by way of hexes. That saying; I have my own basic set of morals that I try and live by, they may have a degree of flexibility in them but they generally stay the same.

Now I have stated that I am a witch not wicca the next question I am often asked is do I believe in Karma? Specifically the 3 Fold Law. Karma I’ll address first. Do I believe that what I put out in the universe will get returned back to me in some way. Yes. Yes I do. After all, being a witch means I work with energies and how to manipulate them to fulfil my spells. The universe is energy. Energy cannot be created or destroyed just changed from one format into another and channelled. So yes, the old action/reaction thing. Put it another way if you are nice to people, on the whole, people try and be nice back. If you are being bitchy likewise you reap what you sow. Now to me that is not Karma but basic morals and not being a sociopath.

I can see where your mind is going now: you are wondering if she hexes someone will she be sent back bad energy. Nope, not really. I will get some feedback but it is up to me if I perceive that as bad energy, or whether I can rebalance that returned energy into another spell. Karma is in my opinion a personal perception on what is happening to you and why. Almost like a get out clause e.g. its not my fault this is happening, I must have done something in a previous life. Karma takes away ownership of a problem and lays the blame on the universe. You get back what you put into the universe; but thats not Karma or the 3 Fold Law, that is called taking responsibility for your own actions, and making the best of what comes your way. Ownership.

The 3 Fold Law is one of the staples of being a wiccan. This takes Karma to the next level. This is a highly contentious part of the rede as viewed by those not practising wicca. Some view the 3 Fold Law as the literal word, others a rule which you use depending on your own set of morals and some as a misinterpretation of what was actually trying to be implied.

To really get into the 3 Fold Law requires more time then I have today and so I will continue with this tomorrow as a separate blog entry.


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