The 3 Fold Law

The 3  Fold Law

On my previous blog post I mentioned that I was a witch and therefore did not follow a rede, nor believe in a “traditional” sense of Karma; next up is the 3 fold law.

So the 3 fold law is the step after Karma if you will. The next level of what you reap you will sow.

Introduced by Monique Wilson, made popular by Raymond Buckland in his writings about Wicca and written into a very well publicised book by Gerald Gardner “High Magic’s Aid” 1949, the 3 fold law basically states that what you put out into the universe will return to you magnified 3x. To quote Gardner

“Thou hast obeyed the Law. But mark well, when thou receivest good, so equally art bound to return good threefold.” (For this is the joke in witchcraft, the witch knows, though the initiate does not, that she will get three times what she gave, so she does not strike hard.)

Some neopagans and wiccans view the rede and this part of it as an absolute truth that must be adhered to you, others see it as a guideline and others see it as a misinterpretation of what Gardner was actually trying to say – that a wiccan should not curse another wiccan for fear of it being sent back 3 x as strong: this is a big difference to the general implication that wiccans should not curse anyone for fear of it being sent back 3 x as strong. Then there are those who see the rule of three symbolizing that our energy returns our way as many times as needed for us to learn the lesson associated with it.

I find the whole 3 fold law very confusing. Honestly I am glad I am a witch not a wiccan. I only have my own morals to deal and confront.

This takes us on very nicely to the next phase in the blog – Witch or Wiccan, and what if any is the difference.


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