A Photographer Cometh

Dare I do or Dare I Do Not?

So there it is laid bare in all its glory – the old question of daring to do something or not.

Now I am not known for backing out of dares so you can guess where this one is going … I have indeed accepted a request from a photography student to allow them to capture images of me connecting with my deities and casting spells.

That is not to say I am not a little afraid of this step – not because I wish to hide what I do from the world but actually because of something much more mundane…

Being body conscious 

Yep, not that being naked bothers me, its not that kind of body conscious at all. But rather the whole being photographed. By all means take photos of the tools I use and my hands – but the rest of me, well I am not sure I am ready for that to be laid bare yet. I hate photographs being taken, and I mean that with a passion. In my house there is only 2 photos of me and I was out voted on them being put up. Apparently my decedents will one day actually like a memory of their relative to look back on. Still I digress.

I loathe photos being taken and so this is a huge and brave step that I am taking. I have been told by the Tarot to come out from the shadows and step into the light and be seen. Well as the majority of people know I am Witch I can only assume that the challenge the Universe has set down for me is being photographed and made available for all the public of Cornwall to see in an art show if they choose to view it. No one ever said that having Nyx and Hecate as my Goddess meant life would be easy – fun oh yes – easy no. This is something they have placed in my journey’s path and I have to be brave and go for it.


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