Caught Between Two Worlds Part 2

What Does it Mean?

So What Is A Witch?
Sadly Hollywood has done a great job on telling us what a witch should look like and how she behaves. They have canonised the Christian view point (a cynical person would say it is as if the Government has told them to reinforce this notion). “A woman with evil magic powers, wearing a black cloak and pointed hat, and flying on a broomstick” We know it so very well. That the idea of telling someone you are a witch makes people fearful of ridicule or discrimination. People often laugh and say “go on then shoot lightning bolts our of your finger tips” or “I dare you to turn me into a frog”. Of course these things cannot and have never happened. That is not magic, but illusion, a cheap parlour trick.

A witch works with and is strongly connected to nature. We are very earth-based and spiritually are “free”. A Witch takes responsibility for their own actions and understands the balance of nature.

But more importantly a Witch is true to themselves. They are beholden to none.

Witches have no gender description – they can be female or male. A Witch is not a “Satanist”, and do not follow the work of the devil. Again another film misdirect to possibly appease the church to discredit the true simple and nature based life of the witch. Funnily enough many but not all witches are Pagans, and as such I do laugh when I hear people tell me I do the devils work and will end up in hell, when I do not believe in those concepts – in case you do not know Pagans do not believe in any of the Christian doctrine.

Before the Christianity and the Witch hunts, a Witch was known as a Wise woman, healer or herbalist or one of the cunning folk and as such was both feared and respected. They knew nature, the right time of the season for certain tasks, the plants to use in their potions for healing. In fact a lot of those plant remedies are still used today. Many of these wise women were also midwifes skilled in anatomy and biology, independent and strong – they were a serious threat to christianity where the male role model took on a central role and women were to be subservient.

The church and various states and governments have done well in ruining the reputation of such out spoken and independent people, people who were sexually and medicinally aware.


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