Easter? Jesus / Eggs?

The Easter Connection

I have often wondered why it is that Christians feel fine to dismiss other religions as false, and our stories as myths but they are totally accepting of the link between Jesus, eggs, the bunny and the resurrection …

Personally all religions can believe what they want but do not do so at the expense of mocking others – faith is a matter of belief despite what others may throw your way. I am happy for Christians to try and link Jesus and eggs together, but when a Pagan tries to inform them of what they personally believe to be the “true” origins of Easter they become ridiculed.

On that note I shall tell you the story of Easter and why in the Pagan calendar it is a fixed point.

The Spring equinox is held on 21st/22nd March each year. This is our “Easter”. The time when day and night are of equal lengths. All is in balance.

Incense: Jasmine, Rose
Decorations: Yellow Discs / Wheel, Coloured Egg’s, Hare Decorations, Spring Flowers
Colours: Yellow

We celebrate the coming of Spring through the Goddess Ostara (Ēostre). This is her story:

Feeling guilty for arriving late one spring, the Goddess Ostara was shocked when the first thing she encountered was a little bird who lay dying on the forest floor, his wings frozen by the snow.

Filled with compassion, Ostara took him her lover. She breathed life into his helpless form and feeling sorry that the poor wingless bird could no longer take flight, she turned him into a snow hare and gave him the ability to run rapidly so he could evade all hunters.

Honouring his earlier life as a bird, she also gave him the ability to lay eggs in all the colors of the rainbow.

Whatever could the goddess Ostara been thinking when she turned him into a randy rabbit? Eventually the decision backfired when the goddess became enraged with his numerous affairs.

In a fit of anger, she threw him into the skies where he unfortunately landed under the feet of the feet of the constellation Orion (the Hunter). He remains there to this day, and is known to us the constellation Lepus (The Hare).

Softening her attitude a bit, Ostara allowed the hare to return to earth once each year to give away his colored eggs to the children attending the Ostara festivals that were held each spring.

The tradition of the Easter Bunny had thus begun.

I believe this is a lovely story of fertility of Spring, the shaping of the stars and a connection between resurrection, eggs and bunnies xxx All it takes is belief xxx

Other interesting bunny facts:

Medieval Christians thought the rabbit was an evil omen, believing that witches transformed themselves into hares so they could sneak into the fields to suck the cows dry of their milk. It was claimed that such a witch appearing as a hare could only be killed by a silver crucifix or a bullet.

Much later, depictions of a white Hare sitting at the feet of the Virgin Mary, was signified Christianity’s triumph over lust or the flesh. The speed displayed by a rabbit symbolized the need to flee from sin and temptation and a reminder of the rapid passage of life.


Caught Between Two Worlds Part 2

What Does it Mean?

So What Is A Witch?
Sadly Hollywood has done a great job on telling us what a witch should look like and how she behaves. They have canonised the Christian view point (a cynical person would say it is as if the Government has told them to reinforce this notion). “A woman with evil magic powers, wearing a black cloak and pointed hat, and flying on a broomstick” We know it so very well. That the idea of telling someone you are a witch makes people fearful of ridicule or discrimination. People often laugh and say “go on then shoot lightning bolts our of your finger tips” or “I dare you to turn me into a frog”. Of course these things cannot and have never happened. That is not magic, but illusion, a cheap parlour trick.

A witch works with and is strongly connected to nature. We are very earth-based and spiritually are “free”. A Witch takes responsibility for their own actions and understands the balance of nature.

But more importantly a Witch is true to themselves. They are beholden to none.

Witches have no gender description – they can be female or male. A Witch is not a “Satanist”, and do not follow the work of the devil. Again another film misdirect to possibly appease the church to discredit the true simple and nature based life of the witch. Funnily enough many but not all witches are Pagans, and as such I do laugh when I hear people tell me I do the devils work and will end up in hell, when I do not believe in those concepts – in case you do not know Pagans do not believe in any of the Christian doctrine.

Before the Christianity and the Witch hunts, a Witch was known as a Wise woman, healer or herbalist or one of the cunning folk and as such was both feared and respected. They knew nature, the right time of the season for certain tasks, the plants to use in their potions for healing. In fact a lot of those plant remedies are still used today. Many of these wise women were also midwifes skilled in anatomy and biology, independent and strong – they were a serious threat to christianity where the male role model took on a central role and women were to be subservient.

The church and various states and governments have done well in ruining the reputation of such out spoken and independent people, people who were sexually and medicinally aware.

A Photographer Cometh

Dare I do or Dare I Do Not?

So there it is laid bare in all its glory – the old question of daring to do something or not.

Now I am not known for backing out of dares so you can guess where this one is going … I have indeed accepted a request from a photography student to allow them to capture images of me connecting with my deities and casting spells.

That is not to say I am not a little afraid of this step – not because I wish to hide what I do from the world but actually because of something much more mundane…

Being body conscious 

Yep, not that being naked bothers me, its not that kind of body conscious at all. But rather the whole being photographed. By all means take photos of the tools I use and my hands – but the rest of me, well I am not sure I am ready for that to be laid bare yet. I hate photographs being taken, and I mean that with a passion. In my house there is only 2 photos of me and I was out voted on them being put up. Apparently my decedents will one day actually like a memory of their relative to look back on. Still I digress.

I loathe photos being taken and so this is a huge and brave step that I am taking. I have been told by the Tarot to come out from the shadows and step into the light and be seen. Well as the majority of people know I am Witch I can only assume that the challenge the Universe has set down for me is being photographed and made available for all the public of Cornwall to see in an art show if they choose to view it. No one ever said that having Nyx and Hecate as my Goddess meant life would be easy – fun oh yes – easy no. This is something they have placed in my journey’s path and I have to be brave and go for it.

Caught Between Two Worlds part1

A Path Divided

Witch or Wicca? 
A Wiccan may be a Witch, but not all Witches are Wicca

A Witch can be of any or no faith

All Wicca are Pagan

A Witch can be Pagan but not Wiccan

Are you confused yet? If you are so are not alone. Even those who practice the craft or declare themselves as Wicca are equally stumped and offer many various interpretations and even force their “do harm to none” philosophy down the throats of traditional Witches.

These are MY thoughts on the subject:

If you practice magic or Witchcraft do you call yourself a Witch? Most will say yes.

There IS a profound difference though, Wicca is NOT the mainstream path, it is just ANOTHER path of Witchcraft.

This blog is not setting out to bash any of the Wiccan faith, however it is a true statement to say that there is a subsection of Wicca that think theirs is the one true path and will berate those who do not agree (ironic because they profess to hurt none but are happy to troll and shout down those who disagree with them)

There are numerous sites out there on the internet and even within some UK Moots who believe”
“The religion that the Witches follow is called Wicca “

This is totally FALSE. Not all Witches are Wicca or follow the Wiccan way. This is being put out there by many Wicca (mostly young adults who grew up watching The Craft) and neopagans who follow a fluffy unrealistic notion that we should all turn the other cheek (sound like another strict mainstream religion??????).

I spent a long time researching the difference between Witchcraft and Wicca both through the internet, books and visiting various Moots and the Museum of Wichcraft. I found a huge difference between the two paths. Whereas Witchcraft was the old ways of the wise / cunning folk, the craft that tribes people would turn to in times of aid and was of no particular religion (it crossed many religions around the world), but an accepted way of staying connected to both earth and the energies; it became clear that Wicca is a modern religion based around ancient concepts and ideas; brought to public attention by Gardner around 1939 – 1945.

Witchcraft is as it it states, a craft, and anyone can practice it if they feel drawn to the old ways and can connect to energies. Many pagans practice Witchcraft but do not assume they are all Witches. Therefore to my understanding a Witch is someone who casts spells and works Magic as a lifestyle. A Pagan is a person who worships or honors Nature in all its basic forms. A Wiccan is someone who follows a goddess and god -based spiritual path specifically following a strict doctrine / rede that cannot be deviated from in fear of Karma. A Wiccan follows Gardner or Alexandrian principles and ideals.

One can be a Witch, without being a Wiccan, just as a person can be a Christian, without being a Methodist. A Witch can be a Pagan who connects to e.g. a pantheon of deities or talks to nature. A Witch can be a Christian etc. A Witch can have no spiritual path at all. Wicca is a recognized religion, while Witchcraft itself is not considered a religion but someone who uses ancient magic associated with the Old Ways.

It is confusing, don’t worry, just accept everyone is different and be happy with people getting on with following their own path. 

A Personal Interpretation of being a witch

Which Witch

They are many types of witch and I will name and attempt to describe a few.

1/ Hereditary = Someone who comes from a line of witches and can trace their ancestry   back a fair few generations. Although it can be argued that it only takes two generations to make a line.

2/ Traditional = A witch NOT a wiccan.

3/ Kitchen = A witch whose spells are derived from herbs, cooking, baking and making the ingredients for a spell up from the items she makes herself rather than bought from a shop.

4/ Green = A witch who works with the earth and her elements, normally involving outside rituals, crystals etc

5/ Hearth = Similar to a kitchen witch but seem to be more older / motherly in outlook.

6/ Hedge = A Hedgewitch lived on the edges of the community, often on the other side of the town’s boundary hedge. They scratched out a living through herbalism, understanding nature, prophecy and divination as well as magic and healing.

There are many more, let alone other examples from around the world, but in the UK the ones above are more widely practiced.

A witch may work solitary, in a coven, specifically as e.g.  one of the above or more commonly eclectically – combing elements from each of the examples.

Personally I am a traditional witch who works eclectically within a coven, although I will practice and study outside of the coven. I could claim to be a hereditary witch , but I find the term pompous. There is nothing worse then hearing witches try and out do each other with who can trace their lineage back the furthest. To me it means nothing, you are only as good a witch as the one staring back at you from the mirror.

Ramblings of a Witch

Ramblings of a Witch

❤️I am a witch.
That is sufficient for you to know.

Witches need not disclaim the Wiccan tradition/religion nor apologize to its members for what they are and are not.
We are part of a long and proud tradition of the art, craft, philosophy, and way of life that is Witchcraft.

We were here before Wicca and we will be here after.
We are set apart.
Simply naming yourself “witch” does not make you a witch any more than naming yourself “neurologist” makes you a brain surgeon.

To be a witch requires study, learning, practice, experience and talent.
Being a witch is a calling, not a choice.
You either are or you aren’t.
The lot is cast at birth by the Universe and there is nothing you can do about it.
Not everyone can be a concert pianist or a best-selling author; not everyone can be a witch.

Wicca is a religion.
Witchcraft is a craft.

The comparison of the two is a comparison of apples and oranges.
Witchcraft can be used to express the religion Wicca just as sculpting can be used to express Christianity.
However, Wicca is not Witchcraft anymore than Catholicism is sculpting.

Witchcraft is not a religion, the witch is free to believe or not believe as they wish.
Witches may worship a Goddess, a rock, Satan, Will Rogers, The Force or nothing at all.

It is the witch’s choice how to relate to the Universe and none may gainsay that choice.
The witch is self-empowered and relies on no one else to get through life.
This means we make our own moral choices, form our own ethics, and decide our own course.

An artificial morality may not be forced upon us.
We will not be intimidated with “karma” or threats of “three-fold” retribution.
We will not be told that these will “get us no matter what we believe.”

The wisdom we hold is sacred and has been handed down from the Ancients through many generations.
Our families and traditions have perfected it and people have both lived and died for it.

We will not bear the insult of being told that we are wrong because what we know and practice does not agree with the author of some shallow, mass marketed book from the New Age shelf at Barnes & Noble.

Being a witch does not require you to be a feminist, ecologically conscious, politically correct, or even socially acceptable.

Each witch makes her own way through the world and sets the terms and conditions of how they interact with it.
Externally imposed ideas of “right and wrong” and “good and bad” have no meaning to the witch.
Witches live and work from within the shadow.
This is the ancient and honorable way.

Wiccans may not say what witches believe or how witches think.
We have no problem allowing others to follow the course that they choose –
or assisting them in it – so long as they afford us the same courtesy.
We are not your enemies or your adversaries.