Affirmation / Self Cleansing spells

Affirmation / Self Cleansing Spells.

Affirmation / Self Cleansing spells are, like all spells, as complicated as you wish to make them. They are often spoken out loud or done as part of a meditation ritual. Personally I craft them when I am in a relaxed state, no noise elsewhere and a candle burning.

I often find that even if my spirit does not start off at ease, within a few minutes of repetitively chanting or affirming, my energy calms and a great sense of release consumes me.

The simplest ones can be done anywhere and in any situation; they can be a great aid when you feel as if the walls are closing in on you and you feel anxious. I refer to them as giving and receiving a hug and squeeze from the Universe.

Repeat these 3 x and with each breath really believe the words you are saying.

Please find a selection of affirmation / self cleansing spells that have been used by myself and others:

1/Out with the old, In with the new, Winds of change, I welcome YOU!

2/Humbly, I call to thee great cosmic energy. Come to my side, and be my guide, with all the richness you provide. I will keep my head up and my heart open, as my desires to you are spoken. I call to thee, profound energy, fill me with motivation and winning strategy. Come to my side, and be my guide. O call to thee, cosmic energy.

3/ I attract everything that is for my highest good into my life.

4/ Stress be gone, be washed away, Fill me with love in every way.

When in your house, stairs are an amazing magical tool to use. When going up the stairs repeat phrases about things you wish to accomplish or bring into your life. When going down stairs, speak of things you wish to remove or change. This is similar to using the waxing and waning moon phases in spells.

Lamps on the other hand are a wonderful way to raise truth and reason in the house and clean one’s mind of misgiving. If you ever need to ask your intuition for help with a question then anoint a lamp bulb with an oil to aid thinking (lemon, lavender, jasmine, rosemary, cinnamon and peppermint are all great for this purpose), say a few happy words as you do this to aid the spell. The turn the light on, the fragrance will feel the air as the bulbs warm up.

A simple task such as opening and closing a window on a blustery day can always blow the cobwebs away from the brain, letting a fresher perspective in. The fresh wind that blows through the window brings with it fresh beginnings.