Moon Diary 2017 UK

Moon Diary 2017 UK

When spell casting, planting by the moon, observing Wiccan rights or following Pagan traditions, learning and being guided by the various phases of the moon is a right of passage. To me it is no different to dressage for horses and obedience training for dogs. Get the foundation laid first and the rest will follow. This page will list the various significant phases of the moon for the year 2017.


Thursday 5th @19:48 First Quarter Moon

Thursday 12th @11:35 Full Moon. Mercury enters Capricorn @14:04

At this moment the Full Moon the moon is below the horizon, so hold Esbat on 11th/12th

Thursday 19th @22:15 Last Quarter Moon. Significantly the moon is entering Scorpio @22:10 and the Sun is entering Aquarius @21:25

Saturday 28th @ 00:08 New Moon. Mars enters Aries @05:40


Saturday 4th @04:20 First Quarter Moon.

Saturday 11th @00:34 Full Moon. Moon is entering Virgo @13:53 Also an eclipse penumbral, visible in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and West Pacific.

Saturday 18th @19:34 Last Quarter Moon. Moon is entering Sagittarius @18:53 and the sun is entering Pisces @11:32.

Sunday @14:59 New Moon. Moon is entering Pisces @00:25


Sunday 5th @11:34 First Quarter Moon

Sunday 12th @14:55 Full Moon, at this moment the full moon is below the horizon so hold Esbat on 11th @16:49

Monday 20th @15:59 Last Quarter. SPRING EQUINOX . Lesser Sabbat. Moon is entering Capricorn @15:32 and sun is entering Aries @10:30

Tuesday 28th @02:58 New Moon


Monday 3rd @18:41 First Quarter Moon. Venus enters Pisces @00:26

Tuesday 11th @06:09 Full Moon. Moon enters Scorpio @22:43. Moon is below the horizon so Esbat should be held on 1oth @18:00.

Wednesday 19th @09:58 Last Quarter Moon. Moon enters Aquarius @10:53 and sun enters Tarus @21:28

Wednesday 26th New Moon @12:17. Moon enters Tarus @01:57

Sunday 30th May Eve. Belatne Celtic Fire Festival begins tomorrow.


Monday 1st Beltane celebrations. From sunrise and throughout the day.

Wednesday 3rd First Quarter Moon @02:48. Mercury is direct @16:29

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